Launch of Robo-Advisor and Automated Investing Services

We are pleased to announce a new version of investor access with robo-advisor features. Our robo-advisor offer is mobile first, investor-centric, algorithm driven, and supports a hybrid approach to automated investing. It also can be used as a standalone plug into your current platform, or integrated into our Univeris back-end platform.

Mobile First

With the rise and proliferation of smartphones, a mobile first strategy is imperative when developing new software and updating old software. Studies show that 96% of users have encountered sites not designed for mobile. Furthermore, mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon a task if it is not optimized for mobile. The idea of being mobile first has long been abandoned as a nice-to-have; mobile first is now table stakes.

Investor-centricity & User Experience

The investor is at the centre of the robo-advisor product. Univeris spent months conducting exploratory research with a user experience test group, Banker Talk. All this upfront insight resulted in the delivery of a usable, useful, accessible, and desirable product that delivers an exceptional investor experience.

Our Algorithms

From a patented client-discovery to re-balancing, our robo-advisor integrates sharp algorithms to deliver optimal suitability to investors.

Hybrid Approach to Robo

Unlike other robo-advisor offers that take the all or nothing approach, our automated investing service supports a hybrid approach with advisors. Depending on investor preferences, this enables the investor to use the robo application under a fully-managed model or advice model. For advisors, instead of business they would be missing out on, they now have a robo application which enables them to augment their advisor services.

Univeris Automated Investing Service

With our robo-advisor, your investors will enjoy an exceptional user experience that is mobile first and scales to their investing preferences.

The Univeris automated investing service provides investors and advisors with an exceptional mobile first, user experience. Our robo-advisor also offers investors flexibility based on their investment preferences and enables advisors to augment their services through robo-features.

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